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2022 National Aboriginal Wellbeing Conference. 


We had over 170 delegates attend, 9 guest speakers and a variety of 15 workshops 
A special thanks goes to our sponsors who enabled us to have a wonderful Welcome Dinner and assist with costs to get some fantastic Guest Speakers;
  • Destinations NSW
  • Calleo Indigenous
  • Spirit Dreaming Training & Education
  • Australian Family Group Conferencing & Assessments

Guest Speakers 

calleo indg logo.jpg

I would like to say thank you for inviting me to be part of your amazing event.

I had an amazing time reconnecting with old colleagues and making new ones. I will definitely be putting the dates into my calendar for 2023.

Look forward to undertaking FGC training in the future.     -Jo

Lateral Violence, bloody awesome and well presented by Mel      -Trent

Paul’s talk was so insightful. I really enjoyed Jamie’s presentation and also the work Mark is doing on MPOWER.     -James

Aunty Deb workshop was amazing. Her healing, her story and her products are just beautiful     -Rosie

the pre dinner was too deadly   -Lisa

one of the best wellbeing conference held by far. can not wait until next year. bring on 2023 Wellbeing Conference      -Mark

what Mark and his team are doing for the young people is awesome the educational system needs a shake up and a rethink of how and what they are teaching the young people of today and the tools they are giving them for the future.     -Jade

vast array of speakers and workshops that benefit to a larger number of the community. wish I could of attended them all     -Sam

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