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Cultural Infusion


Session 2


What: an experiential workshop,designed to increase understanding of both the power and the levels of communication.

Why: Feedback from clients, carers and observations of some client/worker interactions that show barriers to trusting and person centred  relationships. To some extent this may reflect the increasing pressure on workers to achieve outcomes in ever shortening time spans. However, as research has shown, the quality of the relationship between worker and client has more impact on outcomes, than the training of the worker or time spent with clients.

How: There are three main issues addressed in the workshop:

. Accepting the reality of others' experiences

. Using the appropriate level of communication for the situation and client

. Observing and listening as the basis for building the relationship

The process for this will consist of undertaking a series of activities, working in groups of three. This will be followed by debriefing and a discussion of experiences.

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Creative Dialogue - Overcoming 

Communication Barriers

This workshop is an overview of our program and the successes we have achieved for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, who have been suspended, disengaged or at risk of being suspended or expelled from school.

Ngaramura means “see the way” and is an Aboriginal suspension centre/alternative learning centre.

Ngaramura commenced in Term 2 of 2018, it was developed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people through supportive and/or alternative pathways to improve school retention rates and furthering educational outcomes by learning through culture.

Participants are referred by local high schools in partnership with Coomaditchie and engage with Elders, mentors and external programs to achieve a ‘learning through culture’ approach.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are embedded with cultural teachings, academic learning and living and social skills with the end goal for school reintegration, alternative education or employment.

Our current schools in Partnership are Warrawong High School, Illawarra Sports High School, Warilla High School, Oak Flats High School, Lake Illawarra High School.

"A Family Group Conference empowers families to make their own decisions for their children.

Statistically families are more likely to stick to a plan made by themselves than a plan that has been made for them".

What is a Family Group Conference?

A family group conference (FGC) is a structured decision-making meeting made up of family members.  ‘Family’ is determined broadly, to include the children, parents, extended family and even significant friends and neighbours to the family who may not actually be blood-related.

The goal of the meeting is to provide families with a safe space and time to reach a plan to facilitate the safe care and protection of a child or children in need.


The goal of a Family Group Conference is to support the family to undertake a commitment of change and not just compliance.  When family members voluntarily make significant changes in their lives, there is a greater likelihood of sustainable change if they have been part of creating the solution.

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Family Group Conferencing 

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Bugalma - To Heal & Feel Good

Leanne will speak about how a particular lady who is now in prison is consciously forging herself into a mighty sword worthy of the life she wants to have with herself, child and partner.

This workshop is sharing some of the healing modalities we have used to bring about these life shaping changes.

It is Leanne’s life’s work to develop the infrastructure needed to implement healing and educational modalities and models that will work with and for Aboriginal people.  Leanne chooses to lead and serve through integrity, equity, equality, love and respect; she leads by example and grows through the lessons on the journey. Leanne prides herself on these values and knows they assist her in maintaining a compassionate and professional attitude which enhances her passion for helping and initiating positive change for Aboriginal people and communities.