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Story Telling

This year’s conference theme was
“Our Journey Through Story Telling
and the conference will showcase innovative programs being delivered within our communities to address the many different issues which affect our wellbeing and our families.

The 6th National Aboriginal Wellbeing Conference featured Aboriginal Speakers and workshops from a range of areas, all of which have experience and expertise in working with and providing services
to Aboriginal Families.

Conference Presentations and Workshop Powerpoints

~ Irene Wardell- Cultural Safety for Aboriginal Families in the Family Group Conference in New South Wales: The Aboriginal Community Engagement Model

~ Jess & Jamie- Link Up
~ Toni & Joanne- Services Australia

~ Lana & Ebony- Doing Culture Better for Aboriginal Kids in OOHC

~Mark Robinson- The importance of connecting youth to their passion and purpose

~ Mel Brown, Michael Riddell, Irene Wardell- Getting Published, The Authors Experience

~ Mel Brown- Lateral Violence 

~ Richard Widders- Al Goes to Court

~ Richard Widders- Simpson Personality Test 

~ Trish Everett- Rewrite your Conflict Story 


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