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Community Connections

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Healing Through our Community Connections conference will focus on the healing power of community connections within Aboriginal families and communities.

The emphasis on sharing success stories and building upon strengths is particularly powerful, as it fosters a positive and empowering environment. 

The aim of this conference is to provide delegates with an experience of hands-on activities

and engagement in smaller like-minded groups.

This format encourages active participation, collaboration, and the sharing of diverse perspectives,

together with a sense of unity and shared purpose among participants. 

The conference will give participants the opportunity to engage in some of the following workshops

and hear from guest speakers with knowledge and hands on experience with; 

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Encourage participants to share their stories of success. Personal narratives can be powerful tools for inspiration and connection.

Small Group Discussions

Foster a sense of community and connection by organising smaller group discussions. This format allows for more intimate conversations, creating a space for deeper sharing and understanding. ​

Networking Opportunities

Provide structured networking sessions to facilitate connections among participants. This can help build a supportive network that extends beyond the conference. 

Interactive Workshops

Engage participants in interactive workshops that allow for hands-on learning and practical takeaways.

This approach can help in translating ideas into actionable strategies.​

Strength-based Approach

Emphasise the strengths within the community. Highlighting what has worked well in the past and building upon those strengths can be a foundation for positive change. 

Action Plans

Encourage participants to develop action plans based on the ideas generated during the conference. This can help ensure that the insights gained are translated into real-world changes within their respective workplaces. 

The Healing Through our Community Connections conference is not only an event

but an opportunity to cultivate an ongoing network of support

and collaboration within our communities.

We hope to foster a sense of connection and empowerment, which contributes to the overall well-being and healing of Aboriginal families and communities. 

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We are seeking expressions of interest from Speakers and Workshop presenters who can share their experiences in providing hands on services and programs for our Aboriginal families and communities.

Closes 25 Feb 2024

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22 & 23 July 2024
Opal Cove Resort

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